Friday, December 22, 2017

Charlotte Craft Beer Industry Fuels Urban Development

Chad Faglier draws on experience in both residential and commercial property development to serve as a project manager in Charlotte, North Carolina. As the property manager of the NoDa Street Market in Charlotte’s North Davidson neighborhood, Chad Faglier has played a significant role in spurring the city’s urban development. 

The growing popularity and accessibility of craft beer have been key drivers of urban development in Charlotte. In 2005, then-governor Mike Easley signed the Pop the Cap initiative, which raised the alcohol-by-volume limit for beer sold in the state to 15 percent. Previously, producers and retailers could only sell beer that did not exceed 6 percent ABV. 

Brought about in large part by public campaigning at the grassroots level, this significant change has greatly expanded the professional possibilities for individuals interested in the craft brewing sector. Pop the Cap ushered in a new wave of breweries, cideries, and meaderies in North Carolina, with many of them springing up in and around Charlotte. 

Since 2010, the number of licensed breweries in the state has increased from 45 to approximately 160, More than 30 of these establishments are in the Charlotte area, which produced an impressive 93,000 barrels of craft beverages in 2016 alone. The Charlotte Chamber of Commerce estimates that this bourgeoning sector has created over 500 new jobs and allowed Charlotte to exceed the national average for brewery employment by 22 percent. Statewide, the number of new brewery jobs is closer to 3,000. 

One of Charlotte’s newest breweries, Divine Barrel Brewing, highlights the importance of the industry to North Carolina’s urban development. Offering an array of sour and wild beer varieties, as well as an expansive patio, Divine Barrel will serve as one of the anchor tenants at NoDa Street Market, a new mixed-used development in the North Davidson neighborhood. The area will offer dining, shopping, and entertainment in a fun and highly accessible atmosphere, and it will rely partially on the presence of the new brewery to help draw crowds to the art-and-entertainment district.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Community Gardens Beneficial to Urban Populations

Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Chad Faglier serves as a project manager focused on home construction. In addition, Chad Faglier is a property manager with NoDa Street Market, a new shopping and dining destination that formerly served as the site of two warehouse buildings. Repurposing old structures for new uses, such as the NoDa Street Market project, is an example of urban development.

Another form of urban development is community gardens, which can have many positive effects on the people who work in and live near them. Studies show that the presence of a community garden may help to motivate urban populations to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. The option to eat healthier at a lower price by consuming fresh produce from a neighborhood garden is often cheaper and more accessible than traveling across a city to purchase fruits and vegetables from a grocery store. Additionally, working in a public garden may help create stronger bonds between people from different backgrounds, creating a stronger sense of community among locals.

Further research has shown that gardening as a hobby can be a great way for individuals to relieve stress, fight feelings of depression, and develop confidence. It can also provide an opportunity for community members to go outside and become active, which contributes to better overall physical health.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Brazil's FIFA World Cup Domination

Skilled in metal fabrication and design, Chad Faglier is a project manager for a North Carolina-based home builder company. Beyond his professional responsibilities, Chad Faglier's interests include Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) World Cup soccer. 

Since 1930, the best soccer nations have converged on a host site every four years (except for 1942 and 1946 due to World War II) to determine the world's premier team. Eight countries have combined to win 20 FIFA World Cup tournaments, although no nation has acquired more titles than Brazil, which has won five times and appeared in seven World Cup finals. Germany and Italy are tied for the second-most victories with four each. 

Brazil won its first World Cup in 1958 by defeating Sweden 5-2 in the final. It outscored its opposition 16-4 and won five of its six games, with its only blemish standing as a scoreless draw against England. Brazil defended its championship in 1962 with a 3-1 win over Czechoslovakia in the final. The South American country won again in 1970, 1994, and 2002. It hosted the 2014 World Cup, which was won by Germany.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Three Best U.S. Cities for Craft Beer

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Muhsin Muhammad - An All-Time Underrated Carolina Panthers Great

Accomplished professional Chad Faglier has served as a project manager in the home-building industry in Charlotte, North Carolina. Apart from his work life, Chad Faglier is an avid fan of the NFL’s Carolina Panthers. 

Few would argue that names like Julius Peppers and Steve Smith, Sr., belong among the pantheon of all-time great Carolina Panthers. Some contributors, however, have gone largely unrecognized for their efforts over the years. According to, Muhsin Muhammad is one of the most prominent names on that list.

Muhammad ranks in the top 20 for receptions in league history. Additionally, his 11,436 career receiving yards are good for 24th on the all-time list. His 2004 season stands out as the best in his career, during which time he racked up 1,405 yards on 93 receptions. For the next two seasons, however, Muhammad tallied more than 90 catches - an impressive feat for any NFL receiver. Consistency is the hallmark of his career, however, as he achieved at least 50 receptions per year over his last nine seasons in Carolina.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

America's Top Selling Breweries – 2016

North Carolinian Chad Faglier leads an active lifestyle of traveling, snowboarding, and surfing. Aside from this, Chad Faglier also enjoys learning about and sampling fine craft beers.

The Brewers Association’s releases an annual list ranking American craft breweries. Out of more than 5,200 breweries operating in the United States, the following craft operations led the way in sales. 

The top honor went to D. G. Yuengling & Son, based in Pottsville, Pennsylvania. As America's oldest brewery, Yuengling continues to lead the way in domestic beer sales. The brewery has produced some of America's favorite lagers for well over a century.

Boston Beer Company of Boston, Massachusetts took second place. Boston Beer Company is best known for Samuel Adams Boston Lager and more than 60 other varieties of Samuel Adams beers. 

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. in Chico, California won the third place honor. Best known for its flagship pale ale, Sierra Nevada also releases a variety of offbeat and seasonal brews each year.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Welcoming a Rescue Dog

Chad Faglier is both a project manager and a dog lover. A believer in animal rescue, Chad Faglier enjoys knowing that formerly homeless dogs have found loving homes.

Adopting a rescue dog means preparing to meet the dog's physical, emotional, and social needs. Perhaps the simplest part is gathering supplies, such as food bowls and leashes. The new owner should also purchase a collar with an identification tag as soon as possible, in case the dog gets loose in its first days at home.

The owner will need to find places for all of the dog's items and decide where in the home the dog will be allowed to go. If certain rooms will be off limits, it may be necessary to block them with baby gates. The owner should also have a schedule in mind for feeding, walks, and toileting, and should know who in the household will do each of those things.

The day the dog comes home should be a quiet one. Dogs feel comfortable when they meet one person at a time, and it is ideal if this can happen outside. The dog can then also take some time to explore the yard and find a toileting space. If the dog uses the space, the owner should have a treat ready as a reward.

The dog's first time through the house should be on a leash, so that the owner can redirect it away from any forbidden spots. Over the next few days, the owner can watch the dog and get to know its behavior, while also helping the dog to understand its routine. The dog will feel most comfortable if the owner can be home most of the time in these early days. 

It is necessary to spend time with the dog to establish a relationship. This allows the owner to take a patient approach to acclimating the dog to its new situation and to provide gentle and positive training. Eventually, this patience can pay off in the form of a loving new family member.